Sunday, 29 October 2017


Tina Rebecca Sunday,22, a native Ikot Udobang Ukanafon, in Akwa Ibom State, is currently being held by the Enugu State Police Command for reportedly killing her uncle, Friday Mathew, in an incident that happened at Independence Layout area of Enugu on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

According to police,Tina , who confessed to committing the said crime was arrested as she tried to flee the scene of the incident.

According to her, the kick had no effect on him which made her use a stone to  smash Mathew’s head.

“Really, it was not my intention to kill him as I never intended to do so although he has been disturbing me sexually,” Tina said.

Confirming the incident, the State’s Police PRO, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu,  said Mathew’s son, Thank-God, returned from the errand only to meet his father’s lifeless body. He further disclosed that Tina allegedly told the boy to keep quiet, to avoid attracting attention, promising to take good care of him, after which she locked up the house and took him to the home of a relative.

After dropping the boy with the said relative, Tina ran away. Amaraizu added that the 22-year-old lady was apprehended before she could leave Enugu.

“When the child of the deceased came back and met the lifeless body of his father, he was allegedly warned by the suspect not to shout in order not to attract attention which would lead to her arrest.

“She (Tina) promised the young boy that she would take care of him, then she immediately locked up the house and went away with the boy and dropped him at one of their aunt’s place and disappeared.

“When operatives of the New Haven Division of the Enugu State Command got the report, they swung into action swiftly and were able to arrest the escaping Tina Rebecca Sunday who is now helping the operatives in their investigations,” Amaraizu said.

According to him, “The suspect is now regretting her action and begging for forgiveness as she never intended to kill the uncle.”


Prince Phoebean Joseph, a Facebook user,  shared the story of the torture, oppression and tyranny of the "Campus Marshals" of Lagos state university  (LASU) on students.

According to him...
“Lagos state university is a den of torture, oppression and tyranny. The campus Marshals bully, harass, molest and abuse students. The management has given them power and instead of protecting students they use the power against us.
You dare not react aggressively, if you do, you’ll be shown the gate. If you choose to settle for dialogue, you’ll be lied against. Blasphemy is the order of the day.
A student was injured with the butt of gun not quite long. I hope Justice will prevail in this case.
If you are outside there please speak out. Stand up against oppression. You may be the next victim of oppression.

Here’s the injured student’s official statement on the incident....
I, Adeleye Samuel from the department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Management Sciences, regrettably wish to inform the general public of the unfortunate incident that occurred on the 25th October 2017 at about 3:30PM in the Faculty of Arts whilst the LASUSU Election was ongoing.

On the aforementioned day, I was on my way from the bank and I took the shortest route, which is the road beside the newly constructed pavilion beside Theatre Arts Department before I was accosted by an un-uniformed security personnel. Firstly, he asked me to introduce myself and went on to say that students were not allowed to pass through the area. I introduced myself and added that I was the AUDIT COMMITTEE SECRETARY and I was immediately allowed passage. Before I could take another step, I was rudely obstructed by yet another security personnel who insisted that I must leave the vicinity immediately. I was still trying to explain to him when some members of the Independent Electoral Committee identified me as a member of the Audit Committee and should be allowed passage.

Unfortunately, a team of four campus marshals approached us and bluntly insisted that I must leave. I saw that the impasse was uncalled for and I was already retreating when another marshal cocked his gun and approached me menacingly and forcefully hit me with the butt of his gun on, where I later discovered, was my face. The impact of the hit rendered me unconscious for a moment with blood gushing uncontrollably from my mouth and the big cut on my lip.

I was rushed to the Health Centre where I was attended to. My face was stitched and they administered about 6 injections and I was also given some drugs. I was handed a prescription for drugs which I have since purchased.

I later learnt that the Marshall was apprehended.

I wish to inform you of my willingness to follow up on this case and see that justice is done. To my mind, an unprovoked Marshal who finds brutalizing students a sport of some sort must be severely punished.

I am not ignorant of the possible legal action that can ensue from this incident.

Adeleye Samuel(Will.I.Am)”


Photos from wedding engagement of Senate President's daughter Toyin  Saraki and  Prince Adeniyi Olukoya yesterday October 28th ...
Some of the dignitaries who graced the wedding include; Vice President Yemi Osibanjo and wife, Lai Mohammed, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,Chief John Oyegun, Ben Bruce and others.


Mr. Edward Kehinde Soje,54, a Director in Kogi State Civil Service, last week committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree at the Mammy Side of the Army Barracks in Lokoja, the state capital.  the real cause of his death.
The Soje story took a twist when the police alleged that the deceased suffered from partial stroke before he committed suicide.

 In a related development, the immediate younger brother of the deceased, Mr Cornelius Soje, said the Director’s wife’s action may have pushed him to suicide. Cornelius alleged that the woman turned his brother to her puppet. According to him, unknown to many people, his late brother and his wife actually had a child three years into their marriage who died eight days after birth. Thereafter, he said the wife suffered multiple miscarriages.

The brother narrated that when some years ago the wife was transferred to Abuja from Lokoja, the development caused trouble in their relationship. He said his brother always narrated his family troubles to him. Cornelius, however, said that after some time, the deceased stopped complaining to him and he thought the troubles had been resolved until he announced the birth of the triplets.

 “My late brother called me on the phone and expressed to me that he was disallowed from naming the kids. It was the wife who gave the kids names. My late brother was not permitted to give them names. The wife did”, he alleged.

“My brother called me on the phone and told me that his wife said he was not the father of the triplets. My brother thought it was a joke until the woman stressed it to him by asking, ‘How can you think you are the owners of the babies?’

“My brother said he could not forget the statement and was seriously distressed by it. I told him not to take his wife’s statement serious but view it as a woman’s careless talk.”
Cornelius further quoted Soje as saying that immediately after the conversation took place, the wife asked him to go to her Abuja apartment to prepare food for her.

“He left the hospital and that was the last time anybody saw my brother alive”, he said.
The brother claimed that from the Saturday when the deceased went missing, the wife did not notify any family member until the following Tuesday when she called his sibling, Mrs Alice Turkwo, in Ilorin.

“It was my sister in Ilorin who told me the wife called to say our brother was missing. When she did around 6pm on that Tuesday, I called her on phone but she kept telling me not to disturb her as she had migraine and needed to rest. Out of annoyance I ended the call. I tried to call her line later but, since then, she had put off her phone and none of us could reach her. It was a friend who hinted us of a suicide story in town. We checked with the army and discovered it was actually our brother that was in the photograph taken before they invited the police to take over the case”, he narrated. Cornelius dismissed the claim that it was financial depression that led his brother to commit suicide. His words,

“The unpaid salary had nothing to do with his taking his life. My brother had been surviving without salary for months, why now? He could survive without salary for two years. The house he sold at Zariagi was because he didn’t like the location and he had started using the proceeds to build another one around Phase Two, Lokoja.”

The brother said Soje sold a car three years ago because he had another one. He claimed that the deceased actually suffered stroke around 2008 but had been healed and was driving himself as well as carrying out other tasks for more than five years now. Cornelius said the family was not interested in any autopsy by the police.

Their interest, according to him, was to take possession of his sibling’s body and bury him quietly. He said they had accepted their fate but still viewed the triplets as theirs. “Whether the claim by the wife, as reported to me by our late brother, that he was not the father of the triplets is true or not, the kids are innocent. And we are ready to take them as ours. And we’ll help them. My brother was a good man. We were the only two male children of our parents”, he added.
( Vanguard)


Drama at Ogba, Lagos this morning, as yet to be identify  woman and a man who are believed to be lover were found naked and dead in their car  .
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Saturday, 28 October 2017


The UK has said it will not recognise the Catalan parliament's declaration of independence.

The UK prime minister's spokesman said in a statement: "The UK does not and will not recognise the unilateral declaration of independence made by the Catalan regional parliament. It is based on a vote that was declared illegal by the Spanish courts. We continue to want to see the rule of law upheld, the Spanish constitution respected, and Spanish unity preserved."

Catalan MPs backed the independence motion 70-10 in a ballot boycotted by the opposition. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had told senators direct rule was needed to return "law, democracy and stability" to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.


Kogi youths have rejected the bags of rice donated by senators to the unpaid workers in the state civil service. The youths numbering over a hundred, barricaded some streets in the state and asked that the bags of rice which were donated by Senator Dino Melaye, should be returned as the people of the state are not Internally Displaced Persons.

Recall that on Wednesday, Dino drew the attention of members of the Senate to the plight of the unpaid workers in the state that have not been paid for 16-20 months.

The senators donated as many as 1300 bags of rice to workers in the state. Dino was to deliver the items to the state NLC chapter to disperse but the youths asked that the bags of rice be returned. See more photos of the protesting youths below.