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This is not a Nollywood script or a Brazilians carnival  it was a real marriage event of two society ladies , namely; Folashade Adunni Risiquat Adesoye , aka ‘ Shade Alesh ‘ for short and  Alhaja Morufat Kalejaiye for their children. That shook the big city of Lagos on the 18th of October 2014.
While Shade is the groom (Azeez Ogedengbe ) mother,  Alhaja Morufat Kalejaiye, a super-rich lace merchant is the groom is the mother of the bride (Joke). Both women have a lot in common (they are the Islanders - the Lagos social caucus axis ...the Isale-Eko/Lagos Island) and have been very good friends for many years. So it wasn’t a big surprise that their children married each other.

With the class and panache of the mothers of this couple, it was therefore not a surprise as they pulled the crème-de-la-crème of the Lagos society to the party. The engagement ceremony which held at All Seasons Plaza, Agidingbi, Ikeja was indeed a high class one. A sterling marquee was erected to accommodate all their guests and it had the trappings of wealth. The colour of the day was fuchsia pink. As expected, the king of Fuji music himself and world renowned artiste K1 De Ultimate who is personally very close to Shade Alesh was on stage dishing out her praises all through the day. On that 18thof October, Shade’s party for her son caused a huge traffic catastrophe on the Alausa/Agidingbi axis of Ikeja. Cars were stuck in the traffic for hours and as at 2 am of 19th October, guests were still partying away at the All Seasons Plaza, Ikeja. It was the kind of party people saw once in a while in their lifetime.

Countless caterers were still serving continental dishes till day broke into Sunday of 19th October, 2014. It was epic. In fact people were dazed as to how much had been put into the engagement party. But little did guests know that the main wedding was going to make the engagement party look like paupers’ meeting.

For the main wedding, Shade Alesh and Moroufat Kalejaiye spared no cost in proving to the world that they are the undisputed queens of show-off( Kaa Ri Mi). They practically took over Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, venue of the wedding party as they were lodged at the hotel for days before the D-day.

The colour of the day was turquoise blue and the whole of Lagos social establishment was more than present. From the Nikhai to the wedding proper, it was lavish in every ramification. But it was the jewellery that both women wore that got all other society ladies gasping for breath. Layers and layers of intricately woven diamonds stood on their necks to the utter admiration of the guests. Their bangles, rings and wrist watches to match with the necklaces they wore. Shade, being a diamond dealer and a legendary jewellery aficionado (Efisi) knew too well that her adornments were eagerly anticipated. The massive hall in Oriental Hotel was transformed to what looked like a crystal glass paradise affair. The interior décor was also a unique one.

There were over 20 course meals to choose from, champagnes of all types flowed like River Nile across the tables. The souvenirs were world class as there was no financial compromise in the spending to pamper her guests. Shuga Band was on the stage for the wedding and there was a classy performance by Eminado crooner Tiwa Savage. ! The wedding has been trending on Instagram and even Twitter and Facebook and has been a major topic on most blogs. The big question on the lips of those who don’t really know the main gladiator, Shade Alesh is: who is she? How did she come about this wealth? And what does she do for a living?

As our tradition, our investigative reporting is next to none. For Shade Alesh we did not need to dig much as she has been known to us for a very long time. We shall, in this edition give you a brief history about who really is called Shade Alesh. She was born into the Shosanya family of Ijebu-Ode. As a young woman she was very enterprising and was also astonishingly beautiful. Together with her elder sister Bukky Shosanya now Bukky Alli-Balogun, they stormed big parties and also got connected to the super rich men and bigwigs then.

Shade started by selling fabrics on Lagos Island and like most of her contemporaries grew in leaps and bounds. Shade, as a young lady was highly admired by men and she also selectively went out with those she admired in return. Shade is alleged to be a serial married lady but due to lack of space, her ex-husbands would not be mentioned. But it is the calibre of men that Shade has married that is most disturbing. One of her ex-husbands had been involved in some white powder case in the past. Shade dumped him to marry his friend who was also notoriously known in the trade. Interestingly when her then husband was released from prison he collected Shade back as he claimed she was his wife.
Some few years back, our delectable Shade Alesh, Kudirat Adetoun a.k.a Mama Lekan and Toyin Igbira, whose fight with the NDLEA was legendary, were believed to have a host of young men and women holed out in various training schools for their type in Europe and the UK for ‘business’ gone sour with these women.

Shade Alesh has been able to cover her tracks better than most of her contemporaries. She has very cleverly aligned with certain people in certain positions of authority that would protect her at a huge cost. Some years ago when a certain director-general of Nigerian Prisons Service had her 50th birthday party, Shade and her Lagos Island cronies headlined this party to the amazement of other guests. Guests wondered aloud what the relationship was between Lagos Island fabric dealers and a head of one of Nigeria’s top parastatals.

Again, no one ever thought Shade could ever leave Rilwan Aleshinloye in whose house she became successful. But having exploited him and started to sell lands and properties while he was chairman of Iru LGA, she dumped him as soon as he became sick and moved with her new hubby, an Ijebu moneybags, Gboyega Adesoye. One of Shade’s most known friendship is the alleged affair with former Governor Alao Akala of Oyo State.

During Akala’s tenure as governor, Shade’s companies were given lots of juicy contracts in the state. She was always a common fixture at the government house, Ibadan. In fact, she was alleged to have walked into Governor Akala’s office even while he was in top state meetings. She never waited for him like other guests. Shade is believed to have a “strong” and “strange” hold on ex-governor Akala that he reveres her to high heavens.

No wonder, Akala was in charge of affairs at the wedding party of her son Azeez Ogedengbe, a wedding where she moved the father of the groom, Alhaji Fatai Ogedengbe  and his friends to the back tables while the front tables were reserved for her friends and current husband’s clique of friends.  The reason for treating  Fatai Ogedengbe is  is very simple to decode...he is no longer financially relevant, he is an inconsequential figure in Shade’s fast-pace life.

Shade currently runs jewellery affairs at Civic Centre, Victoria Island where she sells diamonds and gold but a lot of people who know her well swear that the sale of these precious jewelleries is just a cover-up!

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