Thursday, 23 July 2015


I am not claiming that I’m a saint or i'm a Google that knows everything.  Be that as it may, it touches my heart whenever I read a negative or can I say real story about Confraternity in Nigeria. Let me begins with the history of Confraternity in Nigeria. Wole Soyinka’s Pirate Confraternity was formed in 1952, according to him; they wanted to differentiate themselves from "stodgy establishment and its pretentious products in a new educational institution different from a culture of hypocritical and affluent middleclass, different from alienated colonial aristocrats"

 In 1965, the Supreme Eiye Confraternity (also known as the National Association of Air Lords)-the most spread confraternity in Nigeria- was formed at the University of Ibadan as a GENUINE desire to be free from BONDAGE,ILL-CONCEIVED REGULATION and OBNOXIOUS of FREEDOM and UNRESTRICTED EXPRESSION...........its adhere to the principle of doing what was natural. FREEDOM was the name of the game.

In 1972, Bolaji Carew went on to found the Buccaneers Confraternity (also called the National Associations of Sea Lords), largely copying the Seadogs' structure, symbols and ceremonies, with motto: No price ,no pay! That is no clear cut ideology!

In the70’s and 80’s many known confraternity were formed, namely; Supreme Vikings confraternity formed with the aim to revote against any other military war in the country, with the motto: Blood for blood. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa (also called Black Axe) emerged from the University of Benin in Edo State, claiming that they are fighting for black race! It is also important to note their slogan words “go into the world and cause problem for your brother must surely die”

The confraternities established in the early 1990s without any clear ideology are legion; they include Second Son of Satan (SSS), Night Cadet, Sonmen, Mgba Mgba Brothers, Temple of Eden, Trojan Horse, Jurists, White Bishops, Gentlemen Clubs, Fame, Executioners, Dreaded Friend of Friends, Eagle Club, Black Scorpion, Red Sea Horse and Fraternity of Friends.[4]

The Brotherhood of the Blood ( aka Two-Two (Black Beret)), was founded at Enugu State University of Science and Technology.  Victor Charlie Boys, was established by Augustine Ahiazu when he was vice-chancellor, Rivers State University of Science and Technology

Fast-forward, the question that is begging for an answer is that are these confraternities  better off today than when it was formed then as they claimed to be fighting against the colonial masters and for the right of the citizens?

The next question is what the genesis of enmity between confraternity in Nigeria? Can we say rivalry or jealous?  Let us look at it from this angle…Buccaneer Confraternity splits from Pirate confraternity, it is very sure that Pirate Confraternity will never be happy with their members that split out and so the Buccaneers won’t be happy with them. That is the beginning of rivalry…the rest is now history.

The politicians have taking over the control of confraternity for their selfish purposes.

 According to Captain Daniel Omale,’’ Politics is part of human intrigues. In it, we find the manifestation of all human characteristics – good and bad. It is only in politics, especially as practised in Nigeria, that one sees awful and evil machinations.

Nigeria’s politicians are unique in every sense of the word. They are either very loyal to a derailed leadership, or are deeply selfish to the detriment of the nation. These two attributes explain why, from every rational perspective, it will take more than mere lip service to change Nigeria’s doomed, off-track destiny. When those privileged to run the affairs of a country become delusional about what their actual responsibilities are, when they see themselves as being above the law of the land and when they cannot differentiate between rational and irrational behaviour, then that country is in dire straits. Nigeria is definitely on a direct course to doomsday.’’

Once again am using this forum to advise our young men to use their brains and be better future leaders. All confraternities’ leaders need to re-orientate our young generation to be a good role model for the sake of our great Nigeria and her future and let all hands be on deck. I have spoken.

Let make a change. Yes we can!

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