Friday, 21 April 2017


Nollywood controversial actress ,Cossy Ojiakor, who threatened to release statement of account where the name of the pastor involved in Kemi's case showed, is worried about her whereabouts. Read what she posted below...

 "Hi sweets....been busy... Wad up? Conflicting reports is kemi still in prison or is she out? I heard she was granted bail. So i let the sleeping dog rest...but if she is still in jail. Pls can someone verify the claim? A fan wrote something on my wall.... I was mad for a while. How can she thank God for death , but now i see the truth and a new found peace in the statement. "i thank God for Death because we all gonna die someday" hmmm some sooner. Some latter. But at the end of it all. Dust turns to dust. It all comes down to the destination of the soul...Hahahha but some people like me go try to be better than dust shaaa. I go like be a rich source of manure to a giant orji tree. So if the pastors and their people come after me. I no send at all at all. 😝😜"

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