Sunday, 4 June 2017


Nollywood actress Funke Adesiyan has called out her colleagues who resorted to begging when late Moji Olaiya family needed money to bring her body home from Canada.

......the blunt actress wrote on Instagram few hours ago:

Life is funny. People are really not worth the trouble. The essence of being part of an association, group et al is so you can be there for one another in matters related to you all.

Its really a shame that many artistes came on social media, flooded Moji Olaiya’s house shedding tears and when it boils down to extending a helping hand, many chickened out.

Artistes were billed 100k each to bring Moji’s body down.

If 50 of us contributes 100k, we have 5million which is about $15k (medical rate) Many didn’t contribute a penny.

All they know how to do is flaunt wealth that they dont have on social media. The house you live in is being paid for by others, the car you drive na dash, the supposed business you own, you are not making a dime from.

My sister/brother, quit living large and forming rich on other people largesse. Forming oga madam on top nothing! You only have right to flaunt your own sweat.

If not, siddon Jeje and make less noise please! We don’t need to turn to beggars to help one another.

We all could be one another’s helper. If you are Moji’s friend/colleague and you didn’t contribute a dime towards helping to move her down, you should take her picture down!

Thank you to the very few artistes, socialites, friends who contributed to save the day.

May God bless you all.

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