Saturday, 10 June 2017


Ajibade Rasheed ,38, an indigene of Ikirun in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun State, who was caught with a fresh head of a woman, intestine, lung, vagina, liver and a bottle containing blood during a stop and search operation by the police in Osogbo in his car with registration no: LSD 987 DJ,has explained that he planned to use them for money ritual after the ongoing Ramadan ends.

Speaking with journalists at the Osun State Police Command headquarters, the suspect said the client, who is also an Alfa and specialised in healing mentally challenged persons, simply brought the human parts to him and left.

He said;

“I am an Alfa and a herbalist. There is a man, who is also an Alfa; he came to my place and told me that he wanted to do money ritual. I told him that getting the materials needed for the ritual would be difficult but he agreed to bring the materials by himself.

“So, the man came on Wednesday morning from Aagba town with the human parts for the ritual. The body parts he brought are fresh human head, hands, inner parts and vagina. I did not know that he would bring the materials that morning.
“I told him that we are in the Ramadan period and he should wait till after Ramadan before I could do it. This is my first time of doing this kind of money ritual although I do other ones but not this type.
“The man told me he wanted to do money ritual and I told him the difficulty in finding the materials and he told me that he would get them and he did.
I am a Muslim and I’m fasting also even when he brought the human parts I told him that this is not the time for such ‘work’.
“The man told me the situations of things in his life and pleaded with me to help him to do it. He did not want the kind of money rituals, which would not bring huge amount of money. He wanted the kind of ritual which brings huge amount of money.”
The interview session with journalists abruptly ended when the policemen, who arrested him asked him to pour the content of the bag on the ground for everybody to see.

Despite wearing nose masks, most police officers present and journalists started retching while few other actually threw up due to the stench which oozed out of the sack.

The head was still dripping blood but the liver and the lungs were already decaying.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Finihan Adeoye, said the police would ensure that Olorungbebe was apprehended and the identity of the female victim was revealed.

Adeoye said,

“We will surely arrest his partner. We want to know how he got those humans parts, where he got them from and the identity of the victim.”

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