Saturday, 16 September 2017


Before many people are misled on the Military Declaration, let's get some facts correct on decisions process without jeopardizing the secrecy of National Security!

Three facts are not made available to anybody but are in public domain to make an informed comments DHQ's Declaration!

First, the military is part of the national security architecture!

Secondly, the highest decision body to decide such classification is the National Security Council which is chaired by the president. Reports are made to that body on security issues and needed actions are marshaled out.

Thirdly, the C in C Directives is issued with necessary rules of engagement which must emphasize the Geneva Conventions and all other protocols.

Do I think this procedure was followed? I am very pretty sure that these processes were followed including inputs from the local authorities (I.e, the governors of the effected areas).

Who makes the announcement? Usually, the president/C inC will appoint an authority to implement his directives. In this case, the Chief of Army Staff since it is a land operations. Even, the US follows these procedures for crisis area. I am stating these facts because I was once the Director of Defense Operations who prepared some of these documents for deployment of troops. A lot of misinformed scenarios are floating around as to the power of the president to deploy troops. The current exercise, ' Python Dance' is classified as training which could be changed to operations. You have US and South Korea having military exercise near the waters of North Korea. The congress doesn't need to approve that military training. You and I know why the exercise is taking place.

No military can unitary take laws into its hands And do what he wants. Go and read what happened between Gen MacArthur and President Truman! Or Gen POWELL and President Bush on the Iraqi operations. It is important that we try to understand how security related actions are taken before misleading the public.

And let me state this for a fact! No military command would want to deploy his troops for operations because he wouldn't want to loose a soldier. As a commander, you are bound to take and implement all lawful orders because you will be held accountable after the mission.

Besides, do you think it a mere coincidence that the South East Governors today proscribed IPOB! Just think deep and rationalize the reality.
~~Brigadier Danladi Zakari(Rtd)

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