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Babatunde Omogbolahan Atandan, the CEO, Lampe Collections, is a young determined successful fashion designer based in Ibadan, Nigeria, the largest city in West Africa. The story of this young chap is a source inspiration to young African guys. Atandan, a product of prestigious Ibadan Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan takes BWF down the journey of how things were rough from the beginning, his plan to study accounting/economics in future etc. Enjoy the story….

Lampe Collections is a unique name. Why did you choose this name and is it working for you?
 Lampe is an adjusted and modernized version of the popular Nigerian slang 'old school lapel’! While I was in  Ogun state where my neighbor friend thought me old fashioned because I was always taking sides with his Mom over sensitive matters. The name traveled ahead of me to Ibadan and soon became familiar amongst friends and family. So I decided to use it as my fashion name because of its history with me and general acceptance with everybody already addressing me by it.

When and how did you start up in terms of raising capital?
After finishing my apprenticeship, I worked 2years with my then boss and though he doesn't pay me considering the fact that I’d just finished learning from him, but he tipped me after every weeks job and allowed me to work personal jobs, thereby having additional earnings and gradually building a customer base having not left his place or started working on my own. So, I saved up some money and my Dad assisted me with to acquire my first 2-machine.

Who is your target customer?
My target customer isn't limited to a particular group of people.....of course; I would say the elite of the community. But fashion designing has gone beyond what it used to be and I didn't just train to be an ordinary tailor.....I'm building a brand as an entrepreneur and my area of specialty is fashion, from the lowest class to the high class people of the society, as long as you wear cloth, then you're my target customer......

How do you market your business?
 Am using fashion nylon branded with my label name, went about to banks, companies and individuals to share my business cards, ..that is to say I do have personal contact with my customer ,I created a Facebook account with my brand  names  ‘Lampe Collections’ short the majority of my adverts  are on the social media .....and every bit of the advert measures paid off and still paying off.

What inspired you to get into this fashion business?
As a primary 2 pupil, I developed interest in fashion designing when our then tailor came to measure us for a cloth but upon delivery, we were only able to wear the cloth half way into the body then it got stuck.....till it was torn we couldn't pull it off. So I remembered how they used to buy ready-made clothes without us being present and we never had issues, so I thought why would somebody sew without seeing us and it fits just fine and another person came to measure us and sew and we can't even wear the cloth...... I never forgot about fashion designing and when I was old enough to make my own decisions, I did and you already know how that turned out...smiles!

What are the future plans in terms of expansion or growing the business?
I plan to continue to grow and develop this business and take it international......already we boast a few foreign clients in Europe and America but that's not the dream, but to have brand name that will be known   across the globe, such as D&G, Versace, Armani, etc.That’s the dream!

What advice do you have for those aspiring to join fashion business?
You need to be independent, not doing menial jobs but learning a lasting vocation. However, there are   turbulent period, you can be mocked, laughed at, despised, abandoned....but none of it mattered, draw strength from God's word and He always be there for, those who mocked me begs me discounts and leverage me on prices!.....but if I'd allowed them get to me and knock me off my track, today I'd still be same old laughing stock. So, you want to learn a vocation....go all out for it big time.

Lampe Collections is located @  number28 Amubikahun Avenue behind Lister motors, Ring Road Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. +2348053595065, +2347032699622. Lampe Collections.



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Lampe!! He got wat suits u!!!

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Always slaying... More achievement ahead.. Sky will never be your limit

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Keep up man mi . .. Spice up more

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