Friday, 9 June 2017


A birthday is an occasion when a person  celebrates the anniversary of their birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party and encomium from families and friends....There is a different between birthday and birth-date, while the former occurs each year, the latter is the exact date a person was born.

My big sister ( Anty mi Agba), mum, friend, confidant and my mentor celebrated her birthday yesterday, as usual in her modest way. My sister is an Ijebu woman to the core,an entrepreneur and a  technocrat of good standing. She is very hard working and always smiling even when she is angry angry.

I remember when we were young, anytime we lied to my sister, she will look at your face and tell you "so miin", that is 'say something else', in this way, you are bound to say the truth!

 My sister is " beautiful, warm, kind, generous, a role model in her career, her marriage, her motherhood and life in general. When I get tired of trying, all I have to do is look to her example to get the courage to keep going.

Intelligent as she is, she's never afraid of hard work. While studying for her Masters degree in the UK she took on all sorts of jobs to ensure she sent goodies to us back home. At Director level at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), she still had her thriving business on the side which kept us all busy during the holidays! Any form of laziness from us was chased out quickly with some major 'abaras' from her ever ready palms!

Mummy, here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I love you and truly appreciate you. Thank you for all your sacrifices and care. Thank you for being an example for us your kids and the many more who see you as their mother. Only God can bless and reward you. May your new year be very blessed!"

"Woman of substance l appropriate you your love and care for your family and everyone around you. You will continue to enjoy the goodness and riches of God's grace"~~Kristy Moses.

"This is a testimony to all young ladies out there. Be good in all ways bcs a day like this will come when yr report card will be read to d public. Here I present to you a wonderful mother, supportive wife and an elegant woman, worthy of emulation. Happy bday Best Mummy."~~ Olori Baba

"Iye eni, congratulations and happy birthday. Best wishes for many happy returns of the day in good health and sustained prosperity. Mama Wa, e ni alafia, e pe fun Wa o. Sa ma Jijo se pepepe. Aminnnnn o."~~Hob Lawal

My beautiful sister, the best i can wishes you is to  rejoice with you  for all the Beautiful things the good Lord has been doing in your life. May the almighty God continue to pour Joy in your heart, Peace in your Soul, and His Blessings  to contenue to radiate all over you and your families.

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