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Chief Muri Abiola
Chief Murithala Mohammed Abiola,surviving head of the larger Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola family of Abeokuta revealed in an interview how one of Chief MKO Abiola's wife (Mrs. Dele Desaolu Abiola) killed her husband (Layiwola Abiola) and his husband younger brother ( Engineer Tunde Abiola) because of money. Excerpt;
But we learnt she is MKO Abiola’s wife?

Even me as the Head of the Family now, I am going to disown her from the family on paper.
Why sir?

She is not married to MKO; she is a concubine to MKO. She was married to our junior brother, Olayiwola Abiola who is junior to MKO. But because of this woman’s ambition to get rich at all cost and she knew that if she marries MKO, she will be in money, so, she poisoned that her husband in order for her to marry MKO.
Jesus Christ!
That was exactly what happened.
So, your brother, Olayiwola died mysteriously

Chief Muri to Asabeafrika....'Dele married my late younger brother Layi, he died under her supervision and she then married MKO'
Yes, he was poisoned. She poisoned him.
How were you able to establish the poison theory?
It was the Doctor’s report. It is quite unfortunate that she is having the report with her because she sleeps with him, even up to his death
You mean she was still sleeping with him till death?
Of course she was married to him and they were living together and that is why she was able to perpetrate all these evil and she is ready to kill anybody to get anything.
But some people said she went into an affair with late Chief MKO Abiola after the man died?
Mrs. Dele Desaolu Abiola

The Woman; Dele Dasaolu Abiola; married Married two brothers and fought one to the grave?
This whole scenario is a game plane. She wanted to marry MKO and if she did not take away that my junior brother, she cannot marry MKO. Even to my own belief, they have been having affairs together before the death of that boy. That is the fact, because immediately the boy died, MKO just took her to London, bought a house for her and they were living together there. But it came as hearsay to me and in order for me to make a fact finding, because I like to have facts to back up my evidence, I don’t believe in hearsay. I and MKO traveled down to London and he took me to that house where this woman is living with him and I saw it with my naked eyes and it was then I believed that ‘oh, what they are saying is true’.


How long were they married, I mean herself and MKO?

Late Chief MKO Abiola....Married Dele after his younger brother Layi passed away
Immediately the boy died he carried her to London and they been living together there. He bought a house there; he bought a house for her in Nigeria.  It was during the June 12 campaign that she came down from London to come and help MKO in the campaign issue but instead of her to go and rent an hotel, MKO asked Tunde (now late) because that house is two wings of duplex.
You mean Number 22, Ladipo Kuku?

The House that cost Engineer Tunde Abiola his life

Yes, one at the back, one in the front. And it was Tunde that accommodated this woman (Dasaolu) for the purpose of the campaign activities, instead of going to live in the hotel. But on getting to the house now, she wants to claim the entire house. She started problem and I called her several times when she used police to arrest Tunde, she used Army to come and beat him. I said ‘Ok, this is a family issue, come to the family and we will settle it. Even if you take the house, the house doesn’t belong to you, the house belongs to MKO. And there is no document to back your ownership of that house’. And in the will, he only mentioned your name for legacy. That they should give you certain amount of money which you have collected; it is this woman that called me in Nigeria, because I don’t live with her in London.
Engineer Tunde Abiola

Chief Muri Abiola shows the GDA a copy of the Power of Attorney assigning him the power to manage all his brother's real estate in Lagos
This same woman (Dasaolu) called me when some other women of MKO went to court in London, they got judgment and they (fraudulently) used my name to appeal that judgment, which I don’t even live in London, I don’t go to court and I don’t have anything to do with all these things. So, I had to travel down to London to go and appeal all those things, I wrote a statement, if I check my records there, it is there. So, I had to lift that appeal before they could pay that legacy they paid to those wives and their family members. So, the thing this woman is doing is a planned work.
You believe it is a grand plan?
Yes, it is a grand scheme to destabilize the family.


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