Wednesday, 28 June 2017


The Nigerian suspected notorious kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans, yesterday, revealed why he doesn’t operate in south west.

According to Evans, he prefers to operate in Enugu, Abia, Lagos and Edo states. He said he is from Anambra State and as such, didn’t like carrying out robbery operations or kidnapping in his state.

He said: “Police tracking located me in Anambra State, but it was not because I committed robbery or even kidnapped anyone there. If I kidnapped someone in Lagos, I sometimes go to Anambra State to collect the ransom, just to avoid detention.”
Challenged that he once carried out simultaneous robbery operation in Oyo State in 2010, where three banks were robbed, Evans shrugged his shoulders in repulsion for supposed Yoruba states.

He vehemently said: “No! I have never operated in any Yoruba state, let alone Oyo State. I have never operated there; Lagos is my state. I mostly operated from Lagos. Moreover, I also didn’t like operating in Yoruba states because I don’t know my way around there. I don’t know the terrains. It’s not right to go where you don’t know, except you have someone that can lead you.”

Yesterday, the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Mr. Jimoh Moshood, said investigations into the alleged crimes against Evans and his gang members, had reached advanced stages.

He added that the judicial process for his conviction or otherwise, will "soon" begin before a court of competent jurisdiction.

Moshood said: “Evans is going to be taken to court very soon, on completion of investigation."  

When asked where the billionaire suspect will be tried, in view of the fact that he had committed the alleged offences in different states,

Moshood responded: "He will be tried before a court of competent jurisdiction." 

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