Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Determined to catch and quiz suspected Nigerian notorious kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans’ wife, Mrs Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike, detectives attached to the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), have synergised with Ghanaian said sources.

According to the sources, the synergy became imperative after Uchenna, along with her children bolted from her their building in Ghana on hearing that IRT operatives had arrested her husband.

The sources urged Uchenna to come out from hiding, stressing that no harm would be done to her. She was only wanted for questioning and to ensure that she was not part of Evans’ operations.

The need to quiz Uchenna became vital after Evans claimed to have given her some of his ill-gotten loot to keep. The woman, had, however admitted to have received only N20million from her husband.

It was also learnt that some handpicked policemen might have to move down to Ghana because of the case.

One of the sources said: “Our IGP and the number one policeman in Ghana have discussed. The two countries are now working together. Mrs Evans is in hiding, but from all indications, she would soon be picked. She ran away from her former abode and is now hiding somewhere.

“The truth however, is that police are not after her. She has children to look after. The police just want to ask her some questions about Evans. We are building evidences against Evans and trying to get more exhibits. We also want to recover some of the ransom money, which Evans said he gave to her to keep.  She wouldn’t be detained because of the children. Yes, she would be detained if we have evidence that she participated in any of Evans’ operations.”

Speaking on the international police collaboration, another source said: “Nigerian Police will soon visit Ghana. People close to her should advise her to come out of hiding and clarify some issues.”

Meanwhile, IRT operatives have recovered two passports from Evans. One is a Ghanaian passport with a fictitious name of Asare Nelson.

The second is a Nigerian passport with the name Onwuamadike Chukwudumeme Somto. Whether Evans has other countries passports is yet unknown, but he had always insisted that he had only travelled to Ghana.

New Telegraph news on Thursday, had exclusively reported that Evans had different fake names which he uses in different states, creating confusion among policemen hunting for him.

It took a while for policemen hunting him in different states to realise that the names belonged to one character.

A source said: “The suspect uses different names in each state he operates. In Edo State, he is called Sunny, Port Harcourt, Richard, in Lagos at his magodo estate, they call him George. Among his gang members, they know him as Evans and in Anambra State; they know him as Somto, while his four mistresses know him as Mike. Policemen men in different states were busy, running up and down, hunting for different men, unaware that they were hunting for the single man.  He did all that to outsmart security agents. He is extremely intelligent.”

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